Hello Devops

Welcome to this website site currently hosted in various forms on AWS.

I have three ‘sites’ below this one.


This website, hosted purely on AWS S3 introduces various ways to build infrastructure on both AWS and virtualbox


The above address has the instructions on how I originally created that part of the website using a Serverless Aurora database and Elastic-Beanstalk on AWS .

This has now been converted to a static website as its too much hassle overall to maintain different website formats, monitor costs, maintain security, add new websites and learn, learn, learn.

As the Elastic-Beanstalk configuration paused after 5 minutes of inactivity it was sometimes taking a minute to restart when accessed and even failed connecting to the database once or twice; when it did I just refreshed the page and all was ok.

(based on notes in https://www.essycode.com/posts/wordpresd has even s-and-elastic-beanstalk/ )


This is my old website (now on AWS S3) which contains all my historical database and linux notes.

If I ever get time these will be migrated / tidied up but for now it is as it is.

Have fun but until I get around to sorting out the AWS email filtering you will not have any means to complain, criticise or even compliment.